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Job hunting


As a student, it is always a good idea to find a part-time job to offset Melbourne's high cost of living. Many international students would take up part-time work or internships outside of classroom hours. These experience can give us a taste of what the society outside school is like while earning money and work experience.


Know your rights


Be aware of your visa work conditions — you can not exceed 40 hours per fortnight (two weeks) while holding a student visa. It is important that you look for jobs through appropriate websites, such as the career pages for your university or job seekers' platforms like SEEK and Indeed.


It's also good to be skeptical of any opportunities that don't sound right as international students can often be targets for underpaid or illegal labour. You should also learn about the tax issues related to personal income. For example, your Tax File Number is very important if you are working here.

Upskilling & learning


Having experience in a certain industry, or with a certain skill, gives you an edge when it comes to finding work — during or after your studies. As an international student, you can get experience in multiple ways such as internships, extra curricular activities, workshops, mentorships, volunteering and more.




The most effective and efficient way to improve your employability is by having internship experience. Experience in a real workplace will provide you practical skills that you most likely won't get through classes.


Interested in doing an internship? Look up the companies you are interested in online and see if they have an internship program — many big corporations run annual intakes, such as Telstra's Summer Vacation Program or Victoria Law Foundation's Internship Program.


Workshops & extra curricular activities

You can also improve your skills through workshops. Helpful workshops on using LinkedIn, working in a specific industry, CV and cover letter writing, personal branding, and interview skills are held throughout the year by many organisations, including AFIS.


Check out what's coming up on the AFIS event calendar here.

You can also participate in extra curricular activities and organisations outside of your schooling to improve your CV. Not only that, it can also helps with your interpersonal skills like networking and public speaking. You can join organisations at your university or non-profit organisations, like AFIS. Learn how to volunteer for AFIS here.



Melbourne is the perfect place for finding something to volunteer for that excites you. From environmental causes, to op shops, you will be able to find opportunities in all types of roles, organisations and locations depending on your interest on the Probono Australia website.

Benefits of volunteering


  • Improving your interpersonal skills and your connections.

  • Interacting with diverse people

  • Developing variety of skills which can be applied in real-life jobs.

  • Gaining a reference and certificate for your CV

  • Making contributions to the local community

Want to be an AFIS volunteering? Check out the Volunteering for AFIS page to learn more.

Learn more about volunteering as a student:


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