Volunteering for AFIS

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Volunteering with AFIS is a chance for international students to take part in the community and meet new people outside of their own university circles.


From workshops about job hunting to movie nights, AFIS runs several events throughout the year, providing a variety of opportunities for you to get involved.


We offer opportunity for casual volunteering as well as a chance to be a part of the AFIS committee.

What are we
looking for?

We'd love to meet you if you are someone who is...

  • Willing to contribute and is enthusiastic about the student experience

  • Full of enduring passion and motivation

  • Willing to share and learn, and works proactively, independently and collaboratively

  • Able to take responsibility in their role as a volunteer (showing up on time, making sure to represent AFIS in a positive light, ask questions ahead of time)

  • Most of all — HERE TO HAVE FUN

Perks of being
a volunteer

  • Opportunities to meet new people and make friends with fellow international students from various cultural backgrounds

  • Development of your social, communications and networking skills

  • A chance to face new experiences and challenges

  • The satisfaction of helping other international students in settling into Australia

  • A stepping stone to future opportunities, such as building your profile as an applicant for the future AFIS Committee

"My time as a volunteer for AFIS has brought me valuable experience during my student years. The program provided me with professional and personal development opportunities through workshops and seminars about personal branding, communication skills and teamwork."



Casual Volunteering

  • AFIS Casual Volunteers applications are open at any time throughout the year

  • Participants of the casual volunteer program will need to commit 20 hours a year across any number of AFIS-run and/or AFIS-partnered events

  • Casual volunteers receive a certificate of volunteering upon completion of 20 hours of volunteering

  • Casual volunteering is for those who are not sure of whether to volunteer, unable to commit to higher responsibility or who want a taster of the volunteering experience

What do our casual volunteers do?

An example of what you could be doing includes...

  • Attending O-week at various campuses on behalf of AFIS to helping promote our events and create awareness

  • Assisting AFIS partners in various events and workshops (for example, assisting them in planning and running their conferences or events)

  • Assist AFIS in throughout the year in flagship events like Info Day, regular workshops and events

Volunteering in the
AFIS Committee

  • The AFIS Committee is comprised of the President, Vice President and 5 Department Directors (all 7 of these forms what is called the Executive Committee)

  • Each department has Officers. There are about 25-30 officers recruited every year in total

  • Being an officer is a higher commitment than a casual volunteer as you would be entrusted with a responsibility and have goals and outcomes to achieve

  • The usual term of being a committee member is from our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November each year to November next year


What do our committee do?

  • As a Director you would be responsible for leading a department and ensuring smooth functioning of the team as well as coordinating with other Directors

  • As an Officer you could be a part of any of our departments – Projects, Partnerships, Promotions, Secretary or Treasury and perform the tasks specific to the department 

  • Directors and Officers have opportunities to collaborate with each other for running the organisation

Apply to be a Casual Volunteer

Apply to be a volunteer for AFIS by filling in the form.


Once we’ve reviewed your application you will be notified by email with any opportunities to participate in upcoming events where we need volunteers.

Thanks for contacting AFIS!

We'll be in touch after reviewing your application.