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Each country has its own education system. For example, in Australia the school educations is 13 years. After that, for tertiary education, students can choose between university or vocational education and training (VET).


The grading system scores students a high distinction, distinction or pass depending on how well they did on a segment of the subject.


If you need help with improving your grades, look into:

  • Getting a tutor for the subject you're struggling with

  • Finding a study group that gets together several times a week for revision

Speak to your teacher or student helpdesk to get more information about what studying resources are available at your institution.


For more information, you can check these websites:


How to budget as a student


Trying to live alone may be a new challenge for several people. Usually, we will not know how much money we need to live here.

Here is some costs that you need to take into account:

  • Accommodation

  • Groceries and eating out

  • Gas and electricity (sometimes included in your rent cost)

  • Mobile plan and internet

  • Public transport

  • Entertainment


As a student, it is important to budget your spending each month.

To nail your budgeting plan, you can try one of the following apps:

Tips & tricks:

  • Work out how much your fixed costs are (accommodation/rent, food and transport) and how much you have left over

  • Divide out a set amount each time you get paid and put it into a savings account — do not touch your savings unless it's an emergency!

  • Subscribe to coupons/deals sites (such as Groupon or OzBargain) so you find out when you can get a deal on things you need to buy

  • Eating out can get expensive, so make sure you learn to cook some simple meals and save on food costs

More information on budgeting and personal finance:

Healthcare as a student


Health insurance


In order to get a student visa for Australia, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a requirement. Melbourne's most well-known universities will have a partnership with a health insurance company, hence it's easy for many international students to apply after starting their course and pay through the university.


You can also choose your own health insurance company, from various providers. Compare health insurance providers here.

Further reading:

Seeing a doctor


When you are feeling under the weather, it's best to stay at home and rest to prevent passing the illness on to fellow students and colleagues. In Australia, you can see a General Practitioner (GP) for general illness, from the common cold to workplace injury. Whether or not the GP visit is covered by your health insurance will depend on your specific package.

University-run health services and resources


Your university or institution will usually have on-campus health services, or other great resources should you need more information about your health. Check out the pages on each of the universities' websites:

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