Unusual, quirky and totally random things to do in Melbourne

There's a reason why so many students and tourists alike enjoy Melbourne. As a city infused with rich canorous cosmopolitan ambience, and yet so comfortable and sure of its roots. It’s the city that invented its own dance move; cobblestone laneways adorned with trippy graffiti art, some even contributed by Banksy; public holiday for a horse race… and where else can you get free beer during haircuts?

Here's a list of the unconventional things to do in the city that, after almost a decade, never ceases to amaze me.

1. Get buried alive at Docklands

If you have been to the Docklands shopping precinct after dark, you’ll know how eerie it is; a cold, concrete labyrinth of empty outlet stores. As if that's not enough to freak you out, face your deepest darkest fear by being buried alive.

Docklands boasts "Melbourne’s only coffin ride". You’ll be led into a dimly-lit funeral parlor packed with creepy prosthetics that would probably have scared you in your early teens. Not now though.

Then it’s time to get buried alive.

Once inside, you’re given a bunch of roses for the afterlife. The lid is closed and there’s only darkness… until you hear the voices of your gravediggers. As it turns out, these geezers in charge of your burial aren’t entirely sure you’re dead but they’re going to bury you anyway. All the while your coffin shakes about for the full 4D experience.

Then, it’s time for some Black Light Mini Golf.

2. Learn Parkour

Parkour was initially developed as a military training technique for navigating obstacle courses. Put in another way, it's the art of making the entire world your playground.

Stereotypes perpetuated through YouTube and Assassin’s Creed couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Training is more about self-development. If you're interested, Melbourne Parkour provides classes appropriate for all ages and skill levels; do it in workshops or be individually trained.

It doesn’t take long, after starting to look at every physical obstacle you find in your path as a challenge to be tackled with enthusiasm, that you find yourself seeing mental obstacles in the same way. Rather than hit a problem and immediately get frustrated, you’ll find yourself excited with the prospect of a challenging problem to overcome.

3. Harry Potter Escape Room 

Everybody who loves Harry Potter always dreams of going to Hogwarts. Even though you can go to Japan or London, it's will cost you an arm and leg. We have something kinda similar, which is Escape Room with Harry Potter theme. 

There you can experience an adventure with your own ‘Ron’ and ‘Hermione’. The more people you go with, the cheaper it gets, so bring all of your friends and have fun whilst solving the mystery.


You can check Trapt website for more information (traptmelbourne.com.au). On the website, the Harry Potter theme is called Alchemy I & II, BUT, if it’s too easy for you, you can check the others which are more difficult. 


4. Broaden your coffee horizons.

The coffee world has become endlessly creative in defining new ways to enjoy your morning cup o’ Joe. Abandoning ubiquity through constant innovation, local baristas are brewing some of the best crop-to-cup goodness – with or without soy – to be found anywhere, maintaining stringent standard. It’s no wonder Melbourne was voted as having the best coffee in the world - let’s also top the day with a fantastic brunch.

For more information, you can check theurbanlist.com or broadsheet.com.au or concreteplayground.com

These websites provide you with information about Australia, sometimes even New Zealand. 


In a city loved for its offbeat surprises, there’s always something fun, and random to do. According to Melbourne Festival director Brett Sheehy, “One thing that distinguishes Melbourne from other cities is the average woman and man on the street will say that arts and culture are a critical part of the town.”

I can live with that.


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