5 useful apps for exam period

These days, tablets and iPads are crucial for studying for people who don't have laptops. They're portable, and flexible without sacrificing functionality — the iPad is no longer dismissed as a toy. With that, apps become increasingly important in our studies.

However, with so many options available, looking for the perfect ones can get overwhelming. We selected some helpful apps — either paid or free — to make your studying easier, rather than harder.

1. Dropbox/Google Drive (or other cloud storage apps)


Ever been in a situation where your computer dies on you or you bring the wrong device? Dropbox and Google Drive are the perfect solutions for allowing you to store all your work in the cloud. This means you can access files anywhere you go, and keeping a backup of those files away from your computer or phone. This is also a great way to share any files — large or small — with your group mates. Nobody should be afraid of losing his notes or assignments anymore!

For a thorough comparison of different cloud storage apps, click here.

2. Goodnotes 5

$ 12.99 (iOS)

Tired with purchasing papers all the time? Concern with the environment? GoodNotes app might be the answer for these questions. It is a digital notebooks where you can write your notes like on a paper. You can also annotate your lecture slides in either PDF or PowerPoint form. Moreover, you can access your notes from your iPad or iPhone, means you can study everywhere you want. Even though, it’s a paid app, the benefits offset the costs. This is the only app that I do not mind paying for.

3. Forest


Productivity’s number one enemy is distraction. When you study, there is always temptation to open Instagram or YouTube. To prevent this behaviour, you can use Forest to stay focused on your study whilst planting a seed, and turn into a tree as you use this app. But the tree will die if you close the app before it finishes; this is based on the timer that you set beforehand. Moreover, with enough coins which you can receive from planting trees, you can actually plant a real tree to protect the environment. It’s like using one stone to kill two birds.

4. OfficeLens


After two paid apps, you must be thinking 'aren't there any free and useful apps?’. OfficeLens is the answer. If you don’t have any scanners in your possession currently, this app can help you with scanning your documents. You just need your smartphone or tablet to scan your documents. Using a perspective correction technology to create a perfectly shaped, professional looking document, you can preserve ultra-high resolution scans of your notes! Images can be stored in Dropbox or Google Drive, and even emailed to yourself for easy access.

5. SimpleMind + Mind Mapping 


To facilitate recall, mind-mapping is one great way to do it. Mind maps are widely recognised as an effective method to improve understanding and memory through the visual representation of information. You can always sketch out a mind map with a paper and pen, but it won't be easy to edit. SimpleMind tries to offer the best of both worlds.

SimpleMind offers a basic free app for both Apple and Android users powerful enough for the casual mind-mapper (there’s also a desktop version). Create thought nodes with connecting keywords, giving you a broad overview of your subject/topic, and save it for later review.

All in all, SimpleMind Desktop is a straightforward mind-mapping application with solid mobile companion apps. Colourful and attractive, it's an excellent choice for the mind-mapper on the move.


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