10 things you can do under $20 - Melbourne edition

Well...that was quite a week, eh? Yes, we know how nasty assignment deadlines and tiring part-time jobs and amped volunteer work are exhausting young students and by the end of the week, Friday seems to be a tiny ray of hope that will lead you to a weekend full of sunshine and flying colours (but sometimes it may not possible with Melbourne's gloomy weather literally).

However, given that how young students much like yourself have to limit their fun within a budget but want to simultaneously vent out to their heart's content, here's a list of things you can do over the weekend that will cost you absolutely nothing or something a little under $20.

1) Hit The Clubs

Melbourne has an array of nightclubs and pubs in the CBD, especially saturated in King and Queen Street, that vibrate with vivacious life throughout the weekend. Almost all of these clubs offer free entrance and if you are not planning on spending much on drinking, but on dressing up and taking loads of crazy selfies with your friends while dancing into the night with the clubs' rhythmic beats, you are in for an amazing time!

2) Dine at China-Town

Immerse yourself in Chinese food with bowls of delicious dumplings going as low as $6, and take a break from the regular and bland food that you have been whipping up at home, in between your classes. Treat yourself with delicious taste of soft and supple dumplings, with hot traces of hot soup and ingredients oozing out once you take that first bite. The mysterious lanes of China Town host a string of restaurants and karaoke bars, within affordable prices, that guarantee a fun-filled night.

3) Bicycle Ride

Melbourne is one of the most scenic cities in the world and its essence can truly be enjoyed on a bicycle, as you cut through the traffic, with your hair blowing carelessly in the wind (just a figure of expression; please keep your helmet on at all times) and the worries of the world kicked beneath those pedals as you ride along parallel to the waves of St.Kilda beach. Bicycles (with helmets) are available for hiring from kiosks located throughout the city, costing as low as $2.90 per day; and if you have your own bicycle or can borrow one from any one of your friends, more power to you!

(For more information visit www.melbournebikeshare.com.au)

4) Movies!

Yes, it is possible to score movie tickets under or within $20. If you use Optus, you can get HOYTS movie tickets only for around $15. But for those who do not use Optus, as their phone provider, you can check this link to know about cinemas that offer extremely cheap tickets regularly : http://www.weekendnotes.com/melbournes-cheapest-cinema/

5) City-Circle Tram

If you haven't already toured on the free city-circle tram (except to meet your go-from-home-to-work/uni needs), take some time off and travel via tram-35 or the free city-circle tram that takes you around the iconic points in the city with detailed information about each location respectively, blasting off in the speakers. It's a great way to explore Melbourne and since the trams are fairly frequent, arriving every 12 minutes until 9pm throughout the weekend, you can hop on and off at various locations to do some exploring on your own.

6) Massage

Go stress-free by opting for a face/neck/back massage for as low as $10 at various massage parlours located throughout Melbourne CBD. Again, keep a lookout for cheap deals in Groupon but 10-minute massages can go as low as $5-10, on any given day, so indulge yourself in a relaxing massage with soothing music in the background and the exhilarating feeling of toxins leaving your body.

7) Potluck Partyyyyy

Arrange a potluck party at your house or your friend's, where everyone can chip in with some food and you all can just get together, let your guard down, gossip about annoying teachers, watch movies, curse each other while playing FIFA, fight over the last piece of pizza and bond over the stories about the exhausting past week when all hell broke loose, all it took was chipping in with a 20-packet package of chips worth $5 from Coles.

8) A scenic walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens

If you are a fan of photography or just like taking selfies in order to upload them with loads of hashtags, these gardens are for you. One is located in Cranbourne, while the other along St.Kilda Road. Both are simply mesmerising and also offer picnic facilities,s o you can satisfy both your passion for photography and that grumbling appetite.

9) Art Exhibitions

For those who love art and ancient history, The State Library of Melbourne and The National Gallery of Victoria offer free exhibitions that will transport you back to another era and would not hurt your wallet a bit. But, if you can and want to pay to see a specific paid exhibition, as a student you can get a concession price, if you bring your student card with you. 

10) Road Tripppp!

If you have a car or any one of your friends do, whip up a spontaneous road trip with your dearest group of friends, where everyone can chip in for the gas. On the outskirts of this city lies wonderful places like Geelong and Frankston waterfronts, which are simply breathtaking.Crank up the volume in the car while it jazzes up with Shawn Mendes’s latest, while you sit back, relax and take in the wonders that come with the city of Melbourne.

There you go..whether you like staying in and bonding with your friends or love to let go in the city or find the 'Dora-The Explorer' within you, Melbourne has something for everyone and within affordable prices, so gear up for this weekend and have a blast!