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Our mission


The Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS) is a non-profit organisation that is for international students, by international students. Founded in 2002 in Melbourne, AFIS is dedicated to enriching the experience of international students in Australia through running informational sessions, workshops, social gatherings and other events.


The goal of AFIS is to provide a sense of community and unity for newly arrived and establishing young people. We champion a balance of both embracing Australian culture and cherishing one’s own heritage, with respect for each and every type of student experience.


AFIS respects all genders, religions, ethnicities, languages, abilities, sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination at our events and on our platforms.

We work within three key brand pillars:



To represent and provide a platform of expression for international students across Victoria.



To enrich the international student experience by increasing the provision of information and events that propagate understanding and support, as well as provide volunteer experience with AFIS.



To develop strategies and platforms with authorities and partners to identify emerging and underlying issues experienced by international students, bridging the gap between international students and the Australian culture.

Meet the team


We're nothing without our people. Here are the fantastic humans who dedicate their time to bringing you all the great things AFIS has to offer.


Oversees AFIS Committee and Officers, and facilitate on-going development of the organisation.


Kalyana Vania

Financial management for AFIS accounts and oversees annual budget planning.


Erica Octaviana

Responsible for connecting with partners and sponsors to develop programs and projects for AFIS members.

Partnerships Director

Olena Nguyen

Management of promotional team and event promotions across social media, AFIS email newsletter and website.

Promotions Director

Zarna Savla

Supports the President in overseeing AFIS activities across projects and events throughout the year.

Vice President

Felycia Viffany

Facilitator of internal communications and AFIS volunteer communications/management.


Aditya Malik

Oversee team implementing all projects and events for AFIS within the international student community.

Projects Director

Alex Tam

Getting involved


We love meeting new international students in Melbourne. Getting involved with AFIS is a great way to meet new people, expend your knowledge of life in Australia and learn new skills.

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